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Workforce Solutions can assist you to recruit qualified candidates, screen applicants, and fill your positions. Our professionals will consult with your staff to help determine the best methods for recruitment and help you learn how recruitment needs are related to other critical workforce and business measures.

Minnesota’s Job Bank - This FREE internet service allows you to post your job openings and search thousands of electronic resumes.

Job Matching - Workforce Solutions will assist you by pre-screening applications or resumes, and sending you the job seekers who match your business needs.

Work Experience - Workforce Solutions will provide an employee on a "try out" basis by placing them on our payroll and covering their workers compensation. 

Job Connect - Workforce Solutions coordinates a networking group where businesses make contact with job counselors from a variety of employment service agencies.

Job/Career Fairs

E-mail your job opening notices to us and we’ll forward them to job counselors at Workforce Solutions and many other employment agencies, reaching hundreds of counselors and over 10,000 job seekers.