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About Veteran Services

photo: banner representing military branches

Ramsey County Veterans Services provides guidance and assistance to veterans, their dependents and survivors in applying for veterans benefits provided by the State of Minnesota and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Benefits Include:

  • Assisting veterans in obtaining their military discharge documents (DD Form 214)
  • Assisting veterans enrolling in the VA Healthcare system
  • Filing claims for VA disability benefits
  • Applying for assistance from State Programs
  • Assisting with burial benefits

If you believe your are eligible for any of the following benefits and you live in Ramsey County, please contact our office | Location and Hours

Our office also works with the veterans service offices of other Minnesota counties.  If you have recently moved to Ramsey County from another county in Minnesota, or if you are planning to move to another Minnesota County, please contact us and we will arrange to have your records moved to ensure a smooth transition of service.