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Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office


Welcome to the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office Website

Improving service through technology is one of six core values that guide the Sheriff's Office mission of service for citizens and our public safety and community partners.

The goal of this website is to provide visitors with information about services. Meeting this goal is an ongoing process with frequent updates to information, services, and resources online. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

Ramsey County Sheriff
Matt Bostrom

Sheriff Matt Bostrom

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News & Events

Sheriff Matt Bostrom Appoints Undersheriff Jack Serier as Chief Deputy

On Monday, February 23, 2015, Ramsey County Sheriff Matt Bostrom promoted Undersheriff Jack Serier to Chief Deputy.

Prior to this promotion, Jack Serier led the Public Safety Services Division as Undersheriff.  Serier oversaw contract law enforcement (patrol and investigations) services to seven communities; canine operations and training; crime scene processing; records and property; school resource officers; traffic enforcement; crime prevention; water patrol; dive team; and, volunteer programs and internships, including reserve deputies and community support services.  Serier has twenty-four years of law enforcement and public safety experience, and has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office since 2011.

More information and full press release.


Sheriff's Office thanks those who attended and helped at Scouting Day 2015

Scouting Day 2015 was held on Saturday, February 21, at the Ramsey County Public Works Facility adjenct to the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Station, near Highway 96 and Hamline in Arden Hills.

Scouting Day is a special event where Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Cub Scouts learn about the work performed by public safety agencies in Ramsey County. The event included hands on time with vehicles and equipment used by the Sheriff’s Office, Public Works, Emergency Management, Army National Guard, Allina Medical, and the Salvation Army. The event, attended by over 400 scouts, siblings and parents, also included educational activities and demonstrations. A big thank you to the volunteers who helped make this an event to remember!

Mark your calendar for Scout Day 2016, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 20, 2016.

Citizen Alert - Phone Scam: Individual Impersonating Sheriff's Deputy

The Sheriff's Office received several reports the week of November 17 of an individual attempting to impersonate a Ramsey County deputy sheriff.

Similar to the scam that was occurring in April, 2014, and in other counties previously, November saw the return of the Jury Duty Scam.  A person claiming to be Lieutenant Zack Miller informs the caller that they missed jury duty and were now in contempt of court.  Per "Miller", the judge had ordered a fine of two thousand dollars and that it needed to be paid immediately using a Green DOT card.

Citizens should note there are two key indicators that this is a scam. First, Sheriff's offices do not conduct business in this manner. Two, any time a phone solicitor wants to be paid using a Green DOT card the operation is highly likely to be a scam.

In June of 2014, the attempted scam typically involved a phone call from an individual who claims to be a Ramsey County deputy sheriff. The caller, claiming to be Officer Patrick Miller, Badge #2---, informs the citizen that he/she has outstanding tax issues and to avoid arrest needs to report to Washington DC tomorrow or pay the fee today. The caller will then say that if the citizen would pay “the fee”, usually several hundred dollars in the form of a pre-paid card, the matter would be resolved.

The April incidents involved the caller telling the citizen they failed to serve on jury duty, and that a warrant would be issued for their arrest if they didn't pay a fee. The April caller commonly used the name Lieutenant John Roberts, though other names were also used.

Sheriff's Offices in Minnesota, and government agencies in general, do not conduct business in the manner that these phone scams suggest.  Please do not become a victim.

Anyone who has contact with individuals who appear to be impersonating a deputy is asked to collect as much information as possible, including any telephone numbers or addresses the individual provides, and to call the Special Investigations Unit of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office at 651-266-9383.  Please do not provide the scammers with any personal information or money.

Sheriff’s 2013 Year At a Glance Report Available

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office 2013 Year At a Glance (pdf) report is available online. This report briefly explains the major accomplishments the Sheriff’s Office has achieved with the leadership of Sheriff Matt Bostrom during year of the report. This report evaluates each accomplishment based upon statutory responsibilities and the department’s values.

View: 2013 Year At a Glance (pdf) | First Two Years (2011-2012) at a Glance (pdf)

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Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office
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