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Storm water Management

Image of Rain SewerRamsey County is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a storm water drainage system associated with its roads, buildings, and parks and open space property. The County drainage system is regulated by the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. Information is provided here on the County's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (pdf), as well as links to other agencies involved in Ramsey County water management. Questions or concerns may also be submitted to County staff.

Have you noticed illicit discharges or illegal dumping into the storm sewers occurring in your area? If so, please contact the Environmental Services Department at Ramsey County Public Works at (651) 266-7100 or send an electronic report directly to the Ramsey County Environmental Services Department. In the event of an after hours spill that needs immediate attention, please contact the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department at (651) 484-3366.

We would like to hear from you. Do you have a question...or a comment?

If your storm water questions and/or concerns are directed to areas within Ramsey County, call Ramsey County Public Works at (651) 266-7100 or email us at Please provide a description of the location of the storm water area that you are interested in. Thank you for bringing your questions and/or concerns to our attention.

Additional Information

The Vadnais Boulevard Realignment Project was completed by RCPW in 2008. The project included the installation of a rain garden and two ponds for treatment of storm water before entering West Vadnais Lake. An informational brochure (see the link below) was sent to residents living in the vicinity of the project.