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Mission of the Ramsey County Public Works

The Mission of the Ramsey County Public Works Department is to enhance the social and economic welfare of the people of Ramsey County by providing and maintaining a safe, efficient transportation system that is coordinated with the needs of other units of government; facilitating the preservation of the quality of County lakes and other water resources through effective resource management; providing a system of uniform land records to ensure the proper recording of land survey documents; and continuing the coordination of public works programs with federal, state and local agencies.


The following objectives are vital to Ramsey County Public Works Department's success in accomplishing its mission:

  • Review, plan, program, and construct the County highway system and provide information about the system to other government agencies and the general public.

  • Provide roads, bridges, and traffic control/warning systems which are designed to meet state and/or federal highway specifications and ensure the safe and efficient movement of motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • Provide a maintenance program for the County highway system that safeguards the traveling public and protects the County's investment in the highway system.

  • Increase street capacity by obtaining the maximum level of service from the existing highway system while attempting to minimize the impact these facilities have on the social and physical environment.

  • Provide professional engineering and land survey services to other Ramsey County departments and coordinate these services with the engineering efforts of others.

  • Provide a fleet of equipment and motor vehicles necessary to accomplish public works operations and provide vehicle maintenance for other County departments.

  • Protect the County's environmental resources by providing services in the areas of water resource management, drainage, weed control, and maintenance of County roadside trees and vegetation.

  • Provide a work environment that promotes employee safety and development while encouraging trust, open communication and teamwork.