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Recording Checklist

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Please review the following checklist before submitting your documents for recording.

All documents: 

  1. Document must be dated
  2. Document must be signed
  3. Acknowledgment requires:
    • Date 
    • Legible notary seal 
    • Notary signature
    • Notary commission expiration date
    • Names and marital status of signatures being acknowledged. Marital status should indicate single; or husband and wife; or "Person A married to Person B and Person B married to Person A"; or "Person A and Person B, married to each other". 
    • If corporate acknowledgment: need the business name, the signer's official title, and the notary block must indicate that the signature is on behalf of the company.
  4. Complete and correct legal description. Do not use what is listed on the property tax statement. 
  5. Exhibits are attached and labeled 
  6. “Drafted by” statement includes name and address of the drafter of the document 
  7. Filing fees

Alterations: Whiteout and correction tape are unacceptable on any legal documents.

Legibility: By statute, documents that are illegible are unacceptable for recording. Highlighting may make a document illegible when imaged.

Tax Statements: All transfer documents require a “Send Tax Statements to” statement, which should include both the name and address of all of the grantees on the document.

Delinquent Taxes: Properties with delinquent taxes may not be transferred. 

Tax Parcel Split: If a tax parcel is to be split by a transfer deed, all current taxes must be paid in full. Approval to split a tax parcel must be obtained from the city in which the parcel is located, prior to submitting a request or filing documents that split a tax parcel.

Well Disclosure Certificate

Contract for Deed: Any deed that satisfies the requirements of a Contract for Deed must have either a well statement signed by the buyer or a Well Disclosure Certificate with the $50.00 fee.