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Proposed Property Tax Notice

The Proposed Property Tax Notice is mailed in mid-November each year. The notice estimates the amount of property tax you will pay in the following year if the taxing jurisdictions approve the budget amounts they are considering. 

Property owners are invited to attend meetings held by the local units of government to express their opinions on local budgets and taxes.

Ramsey County Public Hearing

*The Proposed 2016 Ramsey County Public Hearing will be held on Monday November 30, 2015 at 6:30pm at Ramsey County Library - Roseville, 2180 North Hamline Ave Roseville, MN. 

The Public Hearing will include a presentation of the proposed 2016 budget and levy and an opportunity to address the County Board regarding the proposed budget and levy.

The Open House will provide information on many county programs.

Additionally, individuals can make arrangements for a future appointment with an appraiser to review their property.

About Tax Notices

Property Tax Rates and Calculations

  • How to calculate taxes (includes tax rate summary and examples)
  • Comparison of tax levy changes by government entities
  • Links to Taxing Authorities

Why are Minnesota Property Taxes Going Up? - Minnesota Public Radio News

14 Reasons Your Property Tax Can Go Up or Down (video)

Understanding Your Property Taxes - 2011 Edition For Taxes Payable in 2011 (pdf)

  • Most recent educational guide through the property tax process for Minnesotans

Descriptions of Items that Appear on Notices

Appeal Options


Refund and Relief Programs

MN Property Tax Refund and Relief Information 

  • Property Tax Refunds
  • Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral

Market Value Exclusion on Homestead Property of Disabled Veterans

Special Homestead Classification (1B) for Disabled Persons

Useful Links


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