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PH Logo Marriage Licenses


The following is required to apply for a marriage license. 

  • Must be purchased BEFORE getting married
  • A license purchased in Minnesota is only valid in Minnesota and can not be used in any other state. 
  • Must be used within six months or it expires.
  • Both parties must be present to apply for a marriage license.  If one party cannot be present, they must provide a notarized Supplemental Marriage License Application | Supplemental Marriage License Application (pdf) and also have their part of the marriage license application completed and notarized too. Marriage License Application (pdf) 
  • No blood test or physical is required.
  • In the State of Minnesota there is a five day waiting period (after you apply for your license) before you can come back to pick up your license. 
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age to obtain a license (without parental consent).  Be prepared to present valid identification. 
  • For marriages performed before August 1, 2013, one applicant must be a man and the other applicant a woman.  For marriages performed after August 1, 2013, applicants can be of the same sex.
  • Each applicant must provide: full legal name, address, date and place of birth, telephone numbers and social security numbers (if they have one). | U.S Social Security Administration
  • Must provide after-marriage names and address.
  • If widowed or divorced, you will be asked to provide the date.

The price for a marriage license is | $115.00
If you have completed 12 hours of special premarital counseling you may be eligible for the reduced marriage license application fee | $40.00

If you do not have the required form, you may download below for completion prior to coming in. 
This form must be on church or counselor letterhead and signed by the person doing the counseling.  That signature must be notarized.

Reduced Marriage License Application Fee - premarital counseling

Application Process 
Please complete the following steps to request a marriage license.

  • Read through requirements listed above
  • Download (pdf) or pick up the application in the lobby
  • Complete the application
  • Sign the application at the window (signature must be witnessed)
  • Provide proof of counseling (notarized on church or counselor letterhead) if applying for reduced fee
  • If previously married and now divorced or widowed, please be able to provide the date and place
  • Provide identification, such as driver's license, state issued identification card or passport
  • Payment accepted:  cash, checks and money orders (we DO NOT accept credit or debit cards)
  • Made payable to:  Ramsey County

Locations & Hours 

Saint Paul - Ramsey County Department of Public Health | 555 Cedar Street, Saint Paul MN  55101 | Metro Transit
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday | 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Thursday | 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
This is our busy season - please arrive an hour before closing to assure you will be served.

License Pick-up 
You can pick up the license five to seven days after application.  
Pick up the license at the same location you submitted your application.

  • Apply on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday | pick up the following Monday
  • Apply on Thursday | pick up the following Tuesday
  • Apply on Friday | pick up the following Wednesday

License By Mail
After the waiting period, there is an option to have the license mailed to you.  This mailing option is available if there is enough time to receive the license before the wedding. You will be asked to provide the address where you would like the license sent.

Legal Name Changes           

As Part of Marriage
Anyone changing their name as part of the marriage license process must state on the marriage license application, whether they have ever been convicted of a felony on or after August 1, 2000.  If the party changing their name has a felony conviction, there is a 30 DAY procedure that must be followed before the marriage license can be issued with that name change. If the person changing their name is not present at the time of application, the other applicant must provide a notarized Supplemental Marriage License Application | Supplemental Marriage License Application (pdf)

Outside of Marriage
Legal name changes (other than those done through marriage) are handled by the District Courts of the county you live in. 

Ramsey County Residents can call Civil Court General Information: 651.266.8253 or download instructions and forms on the Ramsey District Court website .  Forms are located under "Legal Forms" and then found by scrolling down to "Name Change".

Civil Marriage Ceremonies 
If you are interested in a Civil Marriage Ceremony, you must contact a judge yourself.  Minnesota does not have any Justice of the Peace. Referees cannot perform marriages and not all Judges wish to perform marriages. | Ramsey County Judges who Perform Wedding Ceremonies 

Contact Us
651.266.1333  | AskVR
If you are under 18 years of age, please call 651.266.1333 for further information.

Information that is transmitted by email is NOT secure.  Ramsey County recommends that you do not use email to send private or confidential data.

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