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The following reports were generated to support work under the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) from 2009 - 2011.

Metro Adult Health Survey (January 2011)
The Metro Adult Health Survey project is a regional, coordinated public health effort to provide standardized, comparable health data for the metro region of Minnesota. Results from the survey provide county-specific data on health behaviors (physical activity, healthy eating and tobacco use and exposure) and overall health status of adult residents.  One document details results for Ramsey County, the other document reflects the aggregate results from the six county metro area including Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Ramsey, Scott and Washington. 
Metro Adult Health Survey (pdf) | Ramsey County Adult Health Survey (pdf) | Ramsey County Summary (ppt)


Food Policy Councils: Recommendations and Lessons Learned (July 2010)
Background information through key informant interviews to help inform development and implementation of the Saint Paul - Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission.
Saint Paul - Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission | Food Policy Councils (pdf)

Food Access and Stability in Saint Paul (November 2010)
Conducted in partnership with the Neighborhood Food Network, this report describes food access issues and needs in 4 St. Paul neighborhoods (Dayton’s Bluff, Payne-Phalen, Thomas-Dale and Summit-University).
Food Access Report (pdf)

Ramsey County Healthy Meals Coalition Baseline Report (November 2011)
The Ramsey County Healthy Meals Coalition (RCHMC) completed a research project designed to learn more about meal programs in Ramsey County, with a focus on successes and barriers to serving nutritious foods.
Ramsey County Healthy Meals Coalition Baseline Report (pdf)

Restaurant Patron Practices and Preferences (December 2010)
Survey of St. Paul residents to assess restaurant patron practices in dining out for lunch and dinner.
Restaurant Patron Survey (pdf)

Restaurant Interventions: Perspectives from Local Chefs and Restaurateurs (August 2010)
This report summarizes the literature and information gathered through key informant interviews with local chefs and restaurateurs regarding potential nutrition-focused restaurant interventions. Restaurant Interventions Report (pdf)


Active Living Survey of Ramsey County Managers and Supervisors (April 2010)
Survey to determine what is currently being done and perceived opportunities and barriers to implement active living principles (physical activity in Ramsey County Departments with an emphasis on policy, system and environmental change strategies.
Worksite Wellness Active Living Survey (pdf) | ALRC Survey (ppt)

Worksite Wellness Interview Summary:  Healthy Eating (July 2010)
Telephone interview with representatives from Ramsey County Departments regarding employee wellness, to determine the extent of existing practices and policies that support healthy eating. Worksite Wellness Interview Summary (pdf)

Employee Interests and Participation in Wellness Activities (January 2011)
Ramsey County employee survey to determine current and potential use of physical activity resources, sources of food during the workday, interest in healthy eating and perception of support for healthy lifestyle choices by coworkers and supervisors.
Worksite Wellness Employee Survey (pdf) | Worksite Wellness Employee Survey Summary (ppt)

Health Care

Patient Perceptions of Referrals and Resources to Support Healthy Living as Reported by Three Saint Paul Clinics: Aggregate Summary (January 2011)
Conducted in partnership with 3 community clinics, this patient survey assessed patient preferences and familiarity with community resources related to healthy eating and physical activity.
Clinic Patient Survey Report (pdf)

Steps to a Healthier Saint Paul
The below reports were generated to support work under the national Steps to a Healthier Saint Paul grant from 2005-2009 and was a precursor to SHIP.

Ramsey County Active Living Survey: Baseline Survey (2005)
Telephone survey of Ramsey County residents to assess availability and use of sidewalks, trails and parks and perception of safety.
Active Living Baseline Survey (pdf)

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey Saint Paul: Summary of Key Indicators (2005 – 2008)  
Telephone Survey of St. Paul residents to assess behavior changes and chronic disease prevalence related to implementation of the Steps grant. Survey tool utilized the standardized BRFSS questions with some local modifications. 
BRFSS Summary Data – Saint Paul (pdf)

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