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The Statewide Health Improvement Program has made sustainable changes to improve health in…
Our Schools | Our Communities | Our Workplaces | Our Healthcare Facilities | Summary of SHIP Highlights 2010-2011 (pdf)

Our Schools     
Students and staff in the five Ramsey County school districts and in 2 charter schools now have more opportunities to eat healthy and be active. Read highlights from each school district below.

Saint Paul Public Schools

  • Schools are now offering healthier food options for students and staff at school fundraisers, celebrations and in vending machines.
  • Numerous strategies including active recess, classroom initiatives, family nights and out-of-school-time programs have been implemented to increase physical activity of students.
  • "No smoking” signage has been improved in all school buildings, along with increased tobacco policy enforcement and compliance.
  • A new district-wide physical education curriculum is being developed and physical education teachers have formed a professional learning community and received training and coaching to adopt best practices for physical education.
  • An annual Exercise Your Right to Feel Better Minnesota campaign engages students, staff and families each spring. Exercise Your Right

  • A new district-wide K-8 physical education curriculum was adopted and all K-12 physical education teachers received training on best practices for quality physical education.

 Roseville Area Schools

  • The curriculum for after-school and summer programs for high-risk students was changed to incorporate regular physical activity led by trained staff.  Active recess and recess before lunch were adopted at several elementary schools.

 Mounds View Schools

North St. Paul - Oakdale - Maplewood Schools

Two charter schools in Saint Paul improved school nutrition and increased opportunities for physical activity with a focus on East African and Hmong cultures.

Our Communities     

Saint Paul – Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission Reactivated
The Saint Paul – Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission was reactivated through appointments by the Saint Paul City Council and Ramsey County Board of Commissioners in 2010. Food and Nutrition Commission members, along with many community members formed 5 task forces (urban agriculture, food access, food infrastructure, economic development and food literacy) to create a comprehensive vision of Ramsey County’s future for access to healthier foods and a sustainable local food system. Monthly meetings are open to the public and community participation is encouraged. The Commission is currently analyzing local food systems and preparing policy recommendations for adoption by the City Council and County Board.
Saint Paul - Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission | current work

Go Ramsey Website Helps Locate Places to Be Active
A web-based referral system for community residents features a mapping tool of community resources for physical activity.  Access to nutritious foods, healthy eating, chronic disease prevention programs and other healthy living resources are featured on additional pages.

Ramsey County Healthier Meals Coalition: Shelters and Meal Programs Work Together for Healthier Meals     
SHIP facilitated the formation of the Ramsey County Healthier Meals Coalition whose mission is to develop and implement practices that enable Ramsey County shelters and meal programs to provide healthy, culturally appropriate and cost-effective meals. The coalition first met in January 2011 based on a need for a unified approach to improving the food system that serves shelters and meal programs. By 2015, the Coalition aims to create an effective, feasible and replicable model for providing healthy, culturally-appropriate and cost-effective meals for shelters and meal programs in Ramsey County. This model will embody a new collaborative approach to distribution, menu development, volunteer training, food sourcing, and client health resulting in a healthier community. The Ramsey County Healthier Meals Coalition was recently featured in a story on Minnesota Public Radio. Healthier Meals Coalition 

Children Play Tennis and Learn About Healthy Eating
The Saint Paul Urban Tennis Program now incorporates nutrition into their tennis lessons. Each summer, they serve over 4000 kids and target low-income families. Instructors are trained to deliver content through story-telling that is modified based on age group and parents have an opportunity to continue the messages at home.
Saint Paul Urban Tennis

Corner Stores Increase Healthy Options
A Neighborhood Food Project survey in Saint Paul found that only 19% of residents in Dayton’s Bluff purchase food within their neighborhood and 20% said a barrier to eating healthy food was due to availability issues. In addition, 37% of residents felt having better variety and quality of fresh foods would help them to eat healthier. Dayton’s Bluff is considered a food desert as defined by the USDA. With SHIP support, 2 corner stores in Dayton's Bluff have increased the variety of produce available and have it prominently displayed.
Poster (pdf) | Window Cling (pdf) | Article: Healthier Foods Are Just Around The Corner | Neighborhood Food Project Survey (pdf)

Saint Paul Farmers' Market Now Accepts EBT Cards
With assistance from SHIP to purchase the necessary equipment, the downtown location of the Saint Paul Farmers' Market now accepts EBT cards for SNAP benefit recipients on weekends. Blue Cross Blue Shield instituted a “Market Bucks” program which gives each SNAP user an extra $5 to spend at the market on each day they use their EBT card and spend at least $5.
Saint Paul Farmers' Marketcurrent work 

Active Living Opportunities Increased Throughout Ramsey County
Through efforts of the Active Living Ramsey Communities! Coalition, significant improvements have been made in biking and pedestrian infrastructure throughout Ramsey County, resulting in increased opportunities for people to be active, especially through walking and biking. Examples of projects include:

  • Bike lanes were added to Hwy 61 and 96 in White Bear Lake
  • Bike racks were added at the corrections facility for use by employees in multiple buildings nearby, including 3 Ramsey County buildings, encouraging active commuting to work
  • The New Brighton trail committee passed a citywide resolution to include pedestrian-friendly infrastructure in the 694/Hwy 51 Improvement project

Ramsey County: Active Living Ramsey Communities!

Opportunities for Tobacco-Free Living Increased
Through a partnership with the Association for Nonsmokers-MN (ANSR), SHIP has engaged post secondary schools and multi-unit housing sites in developing and implementing tobacco-free and tobacco use reduction policies. Examples include:

  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) administrators passed a resolution promoting tobacco-free policies on all campuses
  • Building owners, managers, local policy makers, tenants, and other stakeholders received education on the benefits of smoke-free housing policies
  • A model smoke-free lease addendum was developed as a tool to help housing managers and building owners work with tenants and tenants’ groups on adoption of smoke-free policies
  • Twenty-eight new multi-unit buildings (approximately 600 units, 1200 individuals) have implemented a smoke-free policy supported by SHIP or have been identified as having a smoke-free policy which brings the total of smoke free policies to 126.

To find a smoke-free building, visit: Live Smoke Free | current work

Health in My Hometown
Students from 3 Ramsey County community organizations participated in a photo voice project to document what helps them be healthy and what holds them back regarding healthy eating, active living, and staying tobacco free. 
Health in my Hometown

Local Organizations Implement Healthy Food Choices
Nine youth-serving organizations in Saint Paul participated the Healthy Food Choices Program.  This program provided community-based, train-the-trainer workshops to create sustainable, policy and/or system changes within the organizations. Each organization assessed the food currently being served at their meetings and events, learned how to make healthy choices and developed a plan for change. Individual technical assistance was provided to each participating organization. 

Our Work Places     
Ramsey County Departments and the five Ramsey County school districts have made it easier to make healthy choices for employees. Successful initiatives include formation of wellness committees, promoting healthy vending options, active stretch breaks in meetings, improving bike parking, and surveys of employees, supervisors and managers to identify existing and new sustainable strategies to promote physical activity and healthy eating for employees, families, clients and the public.
Eat Well Work Well | Healthy Meeting & Eating (pdf) | Healthy Vending Options Toolkit (pdf)

Our Healthcare Facilities     
Two community clinics have changed their screening practices to ensure each patient’s BMI is taken, documented in his/her medical record and then discussed with the health care provider.  A Health Questionnaire and Health Action Plan in English and Spanish have been adapted to support this patient/provider discussion and to mutually plan small, healthy behavior changes over time. 
Health Questionnaire & Action Plan (pdf) -  English | Spanish   

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