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PH Logo Ramsey County Going Green:  Inside and Out


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We strive to create a healthy, safe environment for all people to live, work and play.  Find out what Ramsey County is doing to go green inside and out!

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Find Recycling at More Events this Summer
Ramsey County is working on greening some of the area’s most popular events and festivals, while testing out different signage and collection bins. The county this summer is partnering with the City of White Bear Lake to add recycling and organics collection to Marketfest. This means that water bottles can be recycled, and corn cobs and sticky ice cream napkins can be composted. The county is also working with event coordinators and vendors at A Taste of Minnesota and Highland Festival to boost recycling. Free technical assistance on adding or expanding recycling is available for event coordinators at 651.266.1199. Free collection containers, signage and banners are also available to reserve online.

Green Venues for Hosting Events
Looking for a fabulous venue to hold a special event? Is minimizing your environmental footprint a priority?  Ramsey County offers several locations to hold an event, while reducing the impact on the environment. Full recycling programs at Union Depot and Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul, and the newly-renovated Keller Golf Course Clubhouse in Maplewood, keep bottles, cans, and even food scraps from going into the trash. Union Depot recently received LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, so there are lots of ways an event there can leave a lighter footprint on the environment. Check with event staff at any of these three locations to see how Ramsey County could be home to your “green” event!

Organics Recycling Program Off to a Great Start
Participation in Ramsey County’s free organics recycling program has increased substantially. From April 7th though the end of May, 3,183 participants dropped off more than 12,000 pounds of food waste and other organics at county yard waste sites. The busiest sites are Summit Hill and Midway with 1,094 and 865 visits respectively.

The organics program accepts food scraps, non-recyclable paper products, coffee grounds, dryer lint and more. Free organic recycling bags are available at participating yard waste sites and from cities throughout Ramsey County. Details posted at (click on "Organics Recycling") or call the Ramsey County Master Gardeners at 651.704.2071 (leave a message). Updates about organics recycling are available by signing up for Gov Delivery notices.

Recycling Grants Available to Ramsey and Washington County Businesses
Businesses interested in starting or expanding a recycling or organics program are sometimes deterred by the  initial start-up costs to buy recycling containers. BizRecycling, a program of the Ramsey/Washington County Resource Recovery Project, is offering Business Recycling Grants to help breakdown common barriers that are found when beginning or improving recycling and food/source separate organics (SSO) recovery programs. Businesses and institutions in either county can apply for up to $10,000 in assistance. No matching funds are required. To apply or learn more, call 651.266.1199 or visit

Recycle in the Great Outdoors
Summer is a great time to visit  Ramsey County’s beaches, parks, golf courses, off-leash dog areas, trails, and open spaces. Visitors enjoying refreshing beverages while enjoying the great outdoors, can use hundreds of recycling bins provided by Ramsey County Parks and Recreation. Learn more about the impact of recycling while enjoying Ramsey County’s outdoor spaces.

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