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The Saint Paul - Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission is a forum for public and private stakeholders to assess how local food systems are operating and suggest policies, share information and plan for increased access to safe, affordable and nutritious foods.   The Commission will create an action plan laying out a comprehensive vision of Ramsey County's future in terms of access to healthier foods and sustainable local food systems for food production, distribution and consumption.  Some of the issues to be considered could be hunger, nutrition, foods available for in-home and away-from-home consumption, food-related illnesses, culturally specific food availability, economic development in the food arena, community and backyard gardening, locally grown food, farmers markets, transportation for distributing and obtaining food, and environmental concerns related to food systems. 

Next Meeting  
TBD | 5:30 - 7:30 pm | 90 West Plato Blvd, Saint Paul 55107 | Bluffs Room, 2nd Floor | Agenda (pdf) | Archived Agendas & Minutes

2015 Meeting Schedule

Food Justice Advocacy Guide
The Saint Paul – Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission believes that future policy makers and community leaders in Minnesota who understand the importance of food to our state and local communities are critical to achieving a diverse and just food system that eliminates hunger, increases access to nutritious food, and improves the health of all Minnesotans. This effort outlines questions aimed to raise awareness and promote public discourse around the many issues affecting Minnesota’s food system. Issues such as food security, hunger, nutrition, health, food assistance, farming, gardening, processing, farmer’s markets, food hubs, food waste and more! Just Food Voters Guide (pdf) | 2014 Voting Guide (pdf)

2012 Report: System Recommendations
In order to fulfill its vision and mission, the FNC set up a process to develop a set of recommendations for the City of Saint Paul and Ramsey County to help in developing the local food system.  The commission established five task-forces: Urban Agriculture, Economic Development, Infrastructure, Food Access, and Food Literacy.  Over 130 community members participated in these working groups, with each task force producing a set of priorities and recommendations to be considered by the commission as a whole.  From these recommendations, the commission developed a broader set of Food System Recommendations.  2012 Report (pdf)

Opinion Survey - 2011 State Fair
Minnesotans think that coupons and price discounts for healthy foods and more healthy choices at restaurants and fast food outlets would help them eat more healthfully.  These were the top two choices of almost 1200 adults who participated in an opinion survey at the Minnesota State Fair by the Saint Paul – Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission.  The survey was conducted on Saturday, Sept. 3, by inviting passersby in the Eco Experience Building to participate.  Other top choices were learning to prepare healthy food, more nearby farmers’ markets and buying direct from a farmer (such as a community supported agriculture subscription).  Results of Opinion Survey (pdf)

Community Input
What are your thoughts about the food issues and needs in your neighborhood? The Saint Paul - Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission wants to know.  Please e-mail your comments to

Economic Development Task Force Recommendations (pdf)
Food Access Task Force Recommendations (pdf)
Food Infrastructure Task Force Recommendations (pdf)
Food Literacy Task Force Recommendations (pfd)
Urban Agricultural Task Force Recommendations (pdf)

Expertise Wanted from the Community
The Food and Nutrition Commission is seeking volunteers from our diverse communities to bring experience and/or expertise to five task forces (Food Access, Urban Agriculture, Food Literacy, Food Infrastructure, Economic Development).  The task forces will develop a set of recommendations to ensure that residents of Ramsey County have the best possible environment to obtain adequate amounts of healthful food produced in a sustainable way.  Task Force Descriptions (pdf) | Sign up

14 members. 7 are appointed by the City and 7 are appointed by the County. Individuals should have experience related to local food systems such as farmers, employees or volunteers of food banks and food shelves, retail grocers, food wholesalers, restaurant owners or managers, community gardeners, consumers from areas lacking adequate food access, food or agricultural economist, representatives from religious organizations interested in hunger, health professionals, school and local officials.

Commission Documents (pdf)
Vision Statement | Statement of Purpose, Roles and Responsibilities | Bylaws


Healthy Food for All: Building Equitable and Sustainable Food Systems in Detroit and Oakland
Outlines the potential for change to the food system in two cities with an acute need for equitable food access:  Detroit and Oakland (64 pages)

City, County Unveil New Food and Nutrition Commission
A news release written by the City of Saint Paul announcing the formation of a new joint Saint Paul - Ramsey County Food Nutrition Commission.  The commission is designed to be a forum for public and private stakeholders to assess the operation of local food systems.

More Information
Contact Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health | Julie Seiber | 651.266.2515

Archived Agendas & Minutes (pdf)  

September 14 - Agenda
August 3 - Agenda | Minutes
June 1 - Agenda | Minutes
May 4 - Agenda | Minutes
April 6 - Agenda | Minutes | State Legislative Update
March 2 - Agenda | Minutes | Members Position Posting | 2014 Food Hub Interviews
February 2 - Agenda | Minutes
January 5 - Agenda | Minutes

December 1 - CANCELLED
November 3 - Agenda | Minutes
October 6 - Agenda | Minutes | Eating Habits Improved, Not Among Poor | Simple Steps to Help Bees
September 8 - Agenda | Minutes | Food Access Organizations in Ramsey County
August 4 - Agenda | Ordinance Regarding Bees
July 7 - ONLY Bee Pollinator Task Force | Meeting Notes
June 2 - Agenda | Minutes
May 5 - Agenda | Minutes
April 7 - Agenda | Minutes
March 3 - Agenda | Minutes
February 3 - Agenda | Minutes | Member Worksheet
January 6 - CANCELLED

December 2 - Agenda | Minutes
November 4 - Agenda | Minutes
October 7 - Agenda
September 9 - Agenda  
August 5 -  Agenda | Minutes
June 3 - Agenda | Minutes | SNAP Op-ed Handout | TC Mobile Market FAQ
May 6 - Agenda | Minutes
April 1 -
March 4 - Agenda
February 4 - Agenda | Minutes
January 7 - Agenda | Minutes | 2013 Priorities (draft)

December 3 - Agenda | Minutes | Farm Bill Letter
November 5 - Agenda | Minutes | IATP Food Justice Principles
October 1 - Agenda | Minutes
September 10 - Agenda | Minutes
August 6 - Agenda | Minutes
June 4 - Agenda | Minutes
May 7 - Agenda | Minutes
April 2 - Agenda | Minutes
March 5 - Agenda | Minutes
February 6 - Agenda | Minutes
January 9 - Agenda | Minutes | Recommendations of the Saint Paul Environmental Round Table | Grow A Farmer

December 5 - Agenda
November 7 - Agenda
October 3 - Agenda | Minutes
September 12 - Agenda | Minutes
August 8 - Agenda | Minutes
June 6 - Agenda | Minutes
May 23 - Agenda - Task Force Working Meeting | Minutes
May 2 - Agenda | Minutes 
April 4 -  Agenda | Minutes
March 7 - Agenda | Minutes
February 7- Agenda | Minutes
January 3 - Agenda | Minutes 

December 6 - Agenda | Minutes   
November 1 - Agenda | Minutes | Saint Paul Food Access Maps
October 11 - Agenda | Minutes
September 13 - Agenda | Minutes
August 2 - Agenda | Minutes


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