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PH Logo Household Hazardous Waste Accepted Items


The following items are ACCEPTED at Ramsey County collection sites.

Automotive Products
fuels | brake fluid | gasoline | antifreeze | vehicle batteries | used oil & filters
Keep all automotive fluids in separate containers.

Used Oil Shed - Open 24/7
The used-oil shed at the Arden Hills collection site is open 24/7.
Follow the instructions on the sign. If the shed door is closed, feel free to open it. Then close the door upon leaving.
This site is under video surveillance. Dumping of unacceptable materials is not allowed.
Used Motor Oil & Filters (pdf)

Cleaning Products
acids and other corrosive products | drain opener | oven cleaner | bathroom cleaner | rust remover

string lights | electrical cords (no attached electronics, appliances, or battery packs)

Home Improvement
paint | thinners | solvents | adhesives | driveway sealant | wood preservatives | wood stains | lead paint chips | aerosol cans

Lawn & Garden Chemicals
weed killer | insecticides | rodent poisons | pesticides

Mercury Containing Items
skin-lightening creams | fever thermometers | switches | thermostats | vapor lamps | fluorescent lights
Exchange your mercury fever thermometer for a FREE digital thermometer!

Needles and Other Sharps (ONLY at the year-round site)
residential sharps | needles/syringes | lancets | Needles and Syringes: Safe Disposal Options (pdf)

Residents must bring sharps in puncture-resistant containers such as a milk or detergent jug and will place the container in the collection bin themselves.

Recreational Products
rechargeable & button batteries | pool chemicals | propane tanks | gas cylinders

For information on disposing of items not found on the above list | A to Z Disposal Guide

NOT Accepted
Televisions, computers and appliances are NOT accepted at Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste collection sites.  For disposal of these & other items | A to Z Disposal Guide

Business Waste Disposal
Waste from businesses is NOT accepted at Ramsey County Household Hazardous Waste collection sites.  For information on disposing of business waste, contact Ramsey County Environmental Health at 651.266.1199.

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