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PH Logo Hazardous Waste Fees and Invoicing


What does my license fee pay for?  
Your hazardous waste license fee pays for your license, which allows you to generate and store hazardous waste at your business.  The fee you pay for your hazardous waste license is not a fee-for-service.

Are the fees prorated if I sign up in the middle of the license year?   
No, Ramsey County's Administrative Ordinance (pdf) does not allow for prorating of licenses.

How are the fees assessed?   
For businesses in the regular inspection program, license fees are based on the volume of waste that you generate.  Every business pays a base fee.  After the first 10 gallons, your company is then charged a per-gallon fee for each gallon generated.  Different fee schedules apply to wastes that are shipped off-site for disposal and wastes that are treated and sewered on-site.

For businesses in the Self-Audit program, your hazardous waste license fee is not volume-based, but is a flat fee.

For all companies, your initial billing statement includes an application fee.  This is a one-time fee.

I just received my invoice and it has multiple copies. What do I do with the extra copy?  Where do I send the payment?  Can I pay by credit card? 
One copy is for your records, the other needs to be sent in with your payment.  Your invoice must be paid within 30 days of the billing date.  Make checks payable to Ramsey County and send them to:  Ramsey County, SDS 12-2411, PO Box 86, Minneapolis, MN 55486-2411.  At this time, we cannot accept payment by credit card.

Are there any penalties for late payments?   
If you do not send in your payment by the due date, your company will be charged a 25% late payment penalty with a minimum penalty of $20.  The payment of your original license fee plus the penalty is due immediately upon receipt.

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