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photo:  kids practicing tornado drill, courtesy of Virginia Department of Emergency ManagementPrepare. | Practice. | Participate.

Just as schools run tornado drills and corporations practice fire drills,
families and individuals should practice emergency plans.  In the event
of an emergency, this practice can decrease stress and save lives. 
There are healthy habits, like hand washing and save food handling,
that you can practice everyday and will help you in the event of a public
health emergency.

What can I do to practice for a public health emergency?

  • Practice your emergency plan.
  • Make practicing for public health emergencies part of your routine.
  • Have a "drill" where you practice your family communication plan.
  • Update emergency communication plans when someone starts a new school or a new job.
  • Carry a current emergency contact list with you in your purse, wallet or backpack.

Visit the FEMA/US Department of Homeland Security Ready! site for resources to help your family prepare for any situation, including games and activities for kids. 
Ready! | Ready! for kids

Practice Healthy Hygiene Habits
Practicing healthy habits is always a good idea, and it will help stop the spread of germs in a public health emergency.  To limit the spread of germs at home, work, and school: wash your hands, cover your cough, minimize contact with sick people, and stay home if you are sick.
Healthy Habits Brochure Insert (pdf) | Handwashing | Cover Your Cough 

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