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photo:  flu shotAn Influenza Pandemic, hepatitis A, meningitis, measles and smallpox are a few of the diseases that might prompt Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health to set up what is called a point of dispensing site (POD) for the mass dispensing of medicine.

What happens at a POD?  
A POD is an efficient way to quickly dispense medication or administer vaccine to a very large community of people.

Why do I need to know this?
In the event of a community disease outbreak or emergency, a point of dispensing (POD) site might be one tool used to fight the spread of disease.    

Why couldn’t I go to my doctor? 
When a disease outbreak occurs in a community, the private health care system is often busy taking care of those who are most ill.  The public health department helps doctors in clinics and hospitals by dispensing medicine to healthy people to prevent illness.

How would I know that I should go to a POD?  
Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health will provide information on their website, to community partners, to the television and radio stations, to the local newspapers and through ECHO (Emergency and Community Health Outreach). 

Will the medicine cost me money?  
Medicine dispensed in response to a local, state or national emergency is free.

What would I bring to a POD?  
You would bring the following information for yourself and each member of your household.
1.  A list of current medical conditions.
2.  A current list of medicines you take.
3.  A list of your allergies.
4.  Any other information (forms) that Public Health would require.

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