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What is the Family Transformation Model?
Building, nurturing, and sustaining healthy families today.
All people deserve and carry core elements of health within themselves. The Family Transformation Model (FTM) is based on the premise that there are essential elements of “core health” within all people.  Elements of core health can provide insight into what we all need to live in peaceful relationship with others. We each have a role in helping those we care about find their core elements of peace and health. | Family Transformation Model trifold (pdf)

How Does it Work?
The Family Transformation Model is built around three strategies. Consider these strategies for de-escalating challenging situations. One can never know how powerful these simple acts of humanity might be for yourself, one another, and the larger community unless you try them:

    1. Engaging each of us to help those we care about during times of stress and crisis to reduce the likelihood of escalation to violence.
    2. Designing individual, family and community therapy and support approaches to help individuals and families find their innate core health.
    3. Enhancing family violence intervention systems, with a renewed focus on rehabilitation, growth and change.

Getting Involved
FTM offers individuals and practitioners tools that help those you care about find or rediscover their core health and the possibility of restoring peace in their lives. 

Transforming Families for Everyone (pdf) | Transforming Families for Practitioners (pdf) | Family Transformation Poster 11x17 (pdf) | Article from Star Tribune by Gail Rosenblum (pdf)

Community Partners
Barbara Schneider Foundation | NYU Center for Violence and Recovery | Peacemaking Circles - Washington County Community Circles

More Information
email | 651.266.2404

If you or someone you know is in a violent situation.
Resources for people experiencing family violence

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