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Recommended Adoption Related Books

These books, recommended by the social workers at Ramsey County, are available at or call Tapestry Books at 866-691-3300. Other good books are also available.

SHADES Of BLACK - The simple text complements this collection of colorful photographs of children in different shades of brown from "midnight blue in a licorice stick to coppery brown in a pretzel to creamy white frost in vanilla ice cream." Not just skin color variations are celebrated, but also hair texture and eye color. Do you give books as birthday presents? Give this one, it's a special keepsake gift. This husband and wife team who created this book even used their own children as models. Charming photographs support the declaration "I am Black, I am Unique. I come from ancient Kings and Queens. When you look at me what do you see?" Author - Sandra Pinkney. Photographs - Myles Pinkney.

All Kinds Of Families - This book describes several types of family structures and explains the differences and likenesses of each. Illustrations help to show what family members do and say with one another. Author - Norma Simon, Edited by Caroline Rubin, Illustrated by Joe Lasker. 

Brown Like Me - Brown Like Me is a book that will be enjoyed by all children between the ages of two and eight, but is highly recommend for children of color adopted into transracial families or growing up in areas where the majority of others are white. Written by Noelle Lamperti, New Victoria Publishers, Norwich, Vermont, 1999.

All About Adoption:How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel About It- This book explores the what, how and why of adoption, as well as the many feelings kids can experience as they grow up. And for parents, an extensive afterword discusses the unique practical and emotional dimensions of adoptive children and their families, with suggestions for answering the most challenging questions. By Marc Nemiroff and Jane Annunziata, Illustrated by Carol Koeller.

HORACE - Horace is unhappy because his family striped, but he is spotted. (They are animals, not unusual looking people.) So off he goes to find a family that looks more like he does. Though he enjoys playing with them, he soon realizes that being a family has nothing to do with the pattern (or the color, for humans) of your skin. At day's end, he is ready to be back with his own family. This charming, full color picture book will enchant your entire family. Author - Holly Keller.

The Day We Met you - this beautifully illustrated picture book describes the events on the day that parents meet their adoptive newborn for the first time. Author - Phoebe Koehler.

IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT - Author Todd Parr's trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes. This book embraces diversity in a unique way. Deceptively simple in appearance, this book delivers its important messages of acceptance and understanding.

My Family is Forever - This book provides straightforward language and vivid illustrations, and explains to young adoptees that families are defined not by looking alike or sharing the same cultural heritage, but rather by loving and caring for one another. Author: Nancy Carlson.

In My Heart - Told from the perspective of an adoptive mother, this simple story shows how deeply adoptive parents cherish the time they spend with their child. Author: Molly Bang.

Lamb-a-roo - This book has delightful humor and some hilarious results. This charming story gently celebrates the true meaning of "family". Written by Diana Kimpton.

All About Adoption - this book deals with issues of self-identity, family relationships, biological roots and relationships with peers. It’s casual style helps make it easy to open up the topics for family discussion. ALL ABOUT ADOPTION will help your teen figure out where to look for answers to some of the questions about his or her past, present, and future. Author- Anne Lanchon.

THE LITTLE GREEN GOOSE - This delightful book shows children that happy, loving families do not necessarily all look alike. This book is especially appropriate for single father families. Author - Adele Sanson.

LITTLE MISS SPIDER - On the very first day of her life, LITTLE MISS SPIDER discovers that her mother is nowhere to be found. With the help of brave beetle Betty, she looks high and low for her mom. She asks all of the insects they pass, but none of them can help. After Betty saves her from a trap, Miss Spider realizes that she has already found the mom that she was looking for. The simple verse and brilliant oil paintings in this book are sure to please. Author: David Kirk.

You're Not My Real Mother - Author Molly Friedrich describes these and other activities in a book that reveals a loving, vital relationship between an adopted girl and her mother.

We Belong Together: A Book about Adoption and Families - Author/illustrator Todd Parr explores the ways that people can choose to come together to make a family, and approaches this challenging subject with humor and sensitivity through his bold and colorful illustrations.

Adopted Teens ONLY - This book tackles the tough issues that parents are oftentimes reluctant to discuss with their teenager. Adopted teenagers will discover; what feelings and thoughts are common to the adoptive experience; what adoptive parents feel; what birthparents feel; what emotional issues are connected with search and reunion; and how to talk to parents about adoption questions. Author: Danea Gorbett.

Returnable Girl - This book is the fictional journal of Ronnie, a girl who journeys through multiple foster homes and wonders if she will ever find a family with which she truly belongs. Author- Pamela Lowell.