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HR Services and Support

The Ramsey County Human Resources Department is responsible for a variety of services related to HR management, compliance and development. This page provides general information regarding each function. If you would like more specific information, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) – Oversight of ADA employment compliance, which involves identifying ADA issues and correcting them, responding to complaints when filed, and ensuring reasonable accommodations are granted to employees, candidates for employment, and customers.


Plan Design - Evaluating and determining level of benefit and program offering for employees. This function includes items such as health, life, dental and disability insurance offerings. Also includes flexible spending accounts, deferred compensation, other miscellaneous programs, and analysis.

Benefit Administration – Managing and overseeing enrollment of employees in benefit programs. Includes enrolling new employees in programs, maintaining enrollment files and selections for existing employees, and maintaining retirement enrollee programs and information.

Classification/ Reclassification – Involves determining the appropriate position title and placement of a position within the County organization. Requires appropriately placing new positions as well as evaluating existing positions and making recommendations on whether they should be placed in a new position title and/or salary grade. Involves analysis of positions, internal comparisons to similar positions, and interviews with staff.

Also includes developmental maintenance of responsibilities, qualifications, and knowledge, skills and abilities for all job classifications within the County, with assistance from individual departments.

Comparable Worth/ Pay Equity – Involves analyzing positions throughout the organization to determine which positions require comparable knowledge, skills and abilities and placing the positions in the appropriate pay grade within the County. Also responsible for filing necessary reports as mandated by State law.

Compensation – Determining the appropriate rate of compensation for all the employee classifications within the County based upon internal and external job evaluations, studies, and other methods. A complete version of the Ramsey County Compensation Manual listing active job titles and current monthly salary ranges, as well as grade and step rates, is available in PDF format online.

Diversity – This is a multi-component function that focuses on outreach to women and people of color in an effort to assist in identifying employment opportunities. The Diversity Program of Human Resources also works with various employee workgroups to raise awareness of cultural differences among County employees.

Employee Orientation – General organizational orientation is performed in the Human Resources Department. Individual departments provide more specific orientation. Program is designed to acquaint new employees with the County and provide information on programs and policies.

Employee Recognition – Program formally recognizes employees for exemplary performance and longevity with the County.

Employment Verification - Employment verification for existing employees (outside agencies call to verify employment) is performed in the Human Resources department. Conducting reference checks for potential employees (calling other agencies to inquire about potential employees performance/suitability for job) is performed in the individual departments.

Employee Wellness - The Health Promotion Program provides opportunities for employees to learn and practice positive healthy behavior at work and home. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness, develop new skills, and create a supportive environment that creates good health. The desired outcomes are better health for employees, improved morale, higher productivity, and cost savings.

Examination Administration – Process of developing and administering valid and reliable testing methods to identify candidate skills and abilities as they relate to positions within the county.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Administration – Requires monitoring employee absences and documenting appropriateness to FMLA. Also manages follow-up with those employees on FMLA to ensure appropriate paper work and verifications are received.

Labor Relations – Involves contract negotiations and administration; providing advice and assisting departments with employment issues; grievance processing and arbitration.

Occupational Health and Safety – Protects physical health of people and promotes a safe work environment through identification and correction of potential hazards. Ensures employees are protected from exposure to risks through education and training.

Organizational Development/Training – Involves a self-assessment of the entire organization and identification of areas where enhancement is needed or beneficial. Promotes organizational-wide training, education, and development of employees in numerous topics as identified in the assessment. Also assists individual departments with strategic planning, goal development and identifying department specific training needs.

Performance Management/Talent Management – Probationary appraisals are monitored by Human Resources. Ongoing appraisals and performance management are shared responsibilities between Human Resources and individual departments. Involves determining how well employees do their jobs compared to a set of established standards. Also involved communicating the information to the employee.  Also may involve conducting 360-degree feedback processes and generating individual development plans.

Personnel Records Management - Audit personnel records to insure accuracy, and provide interpretation and advice on personnel policies affecting employees' status and compensation. Provide input from data on personnel records.

Recruitment – The process of generating a pool of qualified candidates for organizational jobs. This is accomplished through advertisements, job fairs, targeted marketing and other outreach programs.

Veteran's Preference – Process of applying veteran's preference credits to job applicants in accordance with state statute. Also involves ensuring laws are adhered to in cases of termination, layoff, relocation, demotion of individuals with veterans status.

Workers Compensation – This is a self-funded insurance program, which involves monitoring and managing work related health claims of employees that result in the employee being absent from work. Also involves negotiating settlements with employees, attorneys, and insurance companies.