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Office of Diversity Programs


The Ramsey County Office of Diversity programs will provide leadership, and excellence, in all areas of diversity throughout Ramsey County.


The Ramsey County Office of Diversity Programs is committed to leadership, and excellence, in the areas of continuous learning, cultural competence and systemic cultural change within the organization. Our office partners with individuals, groups, departments, and communities in an effort to continually effect strategic change and growth in our organization and our County. The Office of Diversity Programs develops educational activities and programs which cultivate, promote and enhance a diverse Ramsey County workforce.

The Ramsey County Office of Diversity Programs is also involved in various community activities within Ramsey County. The purpose of these activities is to promote Ramsey County as an organization, which is diverse, open and welcoming to all. Outreach activities include involvement with community events, community agencies, and job fairs. The office of Diversity Programs also provides advice on issues of diversity and equal employment to County management, departments, resource networks as well as individuals.

Resource Networks:

The mission of the various Resource Networks is "to raise the consciousness and competency of all Ramsey County employees and officials, regarding issues of diversity." The groups are open to all Ramsey County employees. They offer networking and educational/informational events for County staff in order to eliminate isolation, provide advocacy, inform and educate.