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Welcome to Ramsey County, Minnesota

Phone Scam Involving Impersonation of Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office has received several reports of an individual attempting to impersonate a deputy sheriff. The caller typically claims that the citizen has outstanding fines due to missed jury duty, outstanding taxes or other offenses. The caller then explains that the fines need to be paid immediately via a Green DOT or other pre-paid card to avoid arrest.

Residents are advised that Sheriff's Offices in Minnesota, and government agencies in general, do not conduct business in the manner that these phone scams suggest. In the event you receive one of these calls, please collect as much information as possible – including any telephone numbers or addresses the individual provides – and call the Special Investigations Unit at 651-266-9383.

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Volunteer with SOS Sexual Violence Services

SOS Sexual Violence Services of Ramsey County is currently seeking volunteers to staff the 24-hour crisis line during nights and weekends. Volunteers provide crisis counseling and support, follow-up services, and medical and legal advocacy and information to survivors of sexual violence, their friends and families. Extensive training is provided and begins January 2015.

Additional information about SOS Volunteer Opportunities is available online or at 651-266-1000.

Blue Confirmation Lights Added to 128 Ramsey County Traffic Signals

Blue-colored confirmation lights have been installed on traffic signals at several intersections throughout Ramsey County. These assist law enforcement in reducing crashes caused by motorists driving through red lights. The highly-visible blue lights illuminate when a traffic signal changes to red, allowing a patrol officer to witness a signal violation from many positions and improving enforcement. Right angle crashes at signalized intersections usually involve a motorist running a red light, and these crashes are typically severe with injuries. Ramsey County received a federal safety grant to fund installation of these 128 blue lights at 49 intersections.

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Other News & Information:

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2015 Budget and Levy Hearing FAQs

On Dec. 1, about 65 citizens attended the public hearing on Ramsey County's proposed 2015 budget and levy. The Board of Commissioners has maintaned a 0% increase in the county levy for the second year in a row. However, many homeowners have seen property tax increases coresponding with rebounding residential values as outlined in this Pioneer Press article. The Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence recently published "Understanding Your Property Tax Changes: Know Why Your Tax Bill is Changing... And What is Repsonsible." This step-by-step guide explains how to understand your statement and the reasons your property tax is changing.


A number of the questions and comments at the public hearing related to how property values are determined. WCCO recently put this same "Good Question" to Ramsey County Assessor Stephen Baker in this edition of the segment.

Ramsey County Board Outlines Next Steps on Economic Prosperity Efforts 

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners has outlined next steps in a bold strategic plan to cultivate economic prosperity and eliminate concentrated poverty, following a year of data-driven analysis and research, staff workshops, and community discussions.  The strategic plan addresses structures, processes and programs across all county departments in a holistic attempt to provide opportunities for greater prosperity for all residents.

To learn more, visit


Courthouse Tours Available

Guided tours of the Ramsey Courthouse and St. Paul City Hall are open to the public every Monday except holidays from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. Tours will be held on Tuesdays following holidays. Meet in front of Vision of Peace Statue on the first floor.


Courthouse Tours include (as time permits):

  • Building history
  • Memorial Hall
  • Vision of Peace statue
  • Artwork of elevator doors
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Council Chambers
  • Law Library
  • Lower Level and tunnel with view of river

In addition, more in-depth tours of the building are available by appointment. Contact Debbie Erickson, (651) 266-8002.