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Redistricting Information 2011-2012

Redistricting Mailer - Suburban Version (pdf)

Redistricting Mailer - Saint Paul Version (pdf)

The purpose of redistricting is to ensure that every person is equally represented.

After each census, the boundaries of the election districts in Ramsey County, including our congressional, legislative and county commissioner districts, are adjusted to bring them into compliance with the “one person – one vote” requirement of the US Constitution.

The Minnesota legislature is responsible for redrawing congressional and legislative district boundaries. If it is unable to do so, as was the case this year, a panel of state judges does this work. The new court-ordered redistricting plan was released on February 21, 2012.

The Ramsey County Board of Commissioners is responsible for drawing the county commissioner district boundaries.

Each city and township designates its own precinct boundaries and polling place locations.

Every precinct has one polling place where all the voters in that precinct can vote.

Redistricting Maps

Click on the thumbnail or links for larger PDF version.

Legislative District Maps


Ramsey County Legislative Districts - 2012 (pdf)

County Commissioner Maps


Ramsey County Commissioner Districts - 2012 (pdf)   

Ramsey County Commissioner District 1 (pdf)

Ramsey County Commissioner District 2 (pdf)

Ramsey County Commissioner District 3 (pdf)

Ramsey County Commissioner District 4 (pdf)

Ramsey County Commissioner District 5 (pdf)

Ramsey County Commissioner District 6 (pdf)

Ramsey County Commissioner District 7 (pdf)

Precinct Maps


Ramsey County Precincts - 2012 (pdf)    City of Saint Paul Wards and Precincts - 2012 (pdf) 

Legacy Maps

Saint Paul Wards and Precincts - 2011 (pdf)  

2011 Ward Maps - City of Saint Paul

Saint Paul Wards - 2002

Saint Paul precincts with boundary changes in 2011

1-15     2-10     2-17      3-11      5-6      5-10


2010 Population by Ward and Precinct - City of Saint Paul (pdf)

Population Change by Ward and Precinct from 2000 to 2010 - City of Saint Paul (pdf)

Saint Paul Planning Districts - 2010 Population (pdf)