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Overseas and Military Voters

Voter Eligibility
Voters whose most recent U.S. address is/was in Ramsey County, Minnesota are eligible to vote in Ramsey County.

Voters Overseas Indefinitely/ Do Not Intend to Return
Voters who live overseas indefinitely may vote for the federal offices of President/Vice President, US Senator, and US Representative.

Voters Overseas Temporarily/ Intend to Return
Voters who are overseas temporarily may vote for all offices and in all elections that occur within the jurisdiction of their permanent Ramsey County residence.

Applying for an Absentee Ballot if you are a Military or Overseas Voter

Who May Apply
You, or one of the following persons may apply for a ballot on your behalf using the Federal Post Card Application:
• Parent
• Spouse
• Sibling
• Adult child

How to Apply Online

Overseas and military voters may apply for an absentee ballot online. To complete the application online you must:

  • be eligible to complete the FPCA form (requirements are listed on the application website)
  • provide an email address
  • provide your identification number: MN-issued driver's license, Minnesota ID card, last 4 digits of Social Security Number, or U.S. Passport

Click here to apply online for your absentee ballot

How to Apply Using the Paper Application
If you are not eligible to apply online, you may apply using the paper application. Please visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program to fill out your application.  Please make sure to include your original signature on the application.
Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) form

Visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.
Complete the Federal Post Card Application.  Instructions:
1. Select the box that applies to you (select only one).
2. Do not complete. Minnesota does not have party registration.
3. Include your complete name.
4. Provide only the last four digits of your social security number, your entire Minnesota driver's license number, or your passport number.
5. Provide your email address if you’re requesting email delivery of your ballot and to ensure timely communication regarding your application. Race and Sex are not required to be completed.
6. Choose your preferred delivery method.
7. You must provide the address of your last Ramsey County residence to ensure you receive the correct ballot.
8. Provide your current address even if you want your ballot emailed to you.  This allows Ramsey County to mail your ballot if there is a problem with email service. 
Bottom of the form-  Provide your signature.  If a family member is applying on behalf of a voter, the family member signs his/her name and notes his/her relationship to the voter.  Please note:  MN does not require a witness/notary.

Email, fax, mail, or deliver the completed application to Ramsey County Elections.

Email: or

Fax:  651.266.2177

Mailing Address:  
Ramsey County Elections
PO Box 64098
St. Paul, MN  55164-0098

In Person Address: 
Ramsey County Elections
90 W Plato Blvd, Suite 160
St. Paul, MN

When to Apply
Applications are accepted all year prior to the general election.  All applications expire on December 31st of the year in which they are submitted.  Voters are not notified of application expiration.

Delivery of Ballots to Voters

Ballots are sent out 46 days prior to each election.  Ballots can be mailed, express mailed at voter’s expense, faxed, or emailed.  Please specify your preferred delivery method on your application.

Mail often takes an extended amount of time to reach overseas voters. From Europe, plan on at least 5-7 business days for transit time in each direction. From Africa and Asia, transit time can be 2-3 weeks or more in each direction. To ensure timely delivery of your ballot, you may wish to use an express delivery service rather than depend on the local mail.

If you or one of your relatives provides our office with a pre-paid express mailer, or with a credit card number and expiration date, we will use an express carrier to send you the ballot.

Returning Ballots to Ramsey County Elections

Your ballot CANNOT be returned by email or fax.  It must be returned by the US Postal Service or an expedited delivery service. 

Mailing Address:  
Ramsey County Elections
PO Box 64098
St. Paul, MN  55164-0098

Expedited Mail Delivery Address (FedEx, UPS, etc):
Ramsey County Elections
90 W Plato Blvd, Suite 160
St. Paul, MN  55107

US Embassies/ Military Voting Assistance Officers
Make contact with the US embassy or the US consulate near you, or if you are serving in the armed forces, make sure you know who your voting assistance officer is.  The staff at the embassies and consulates or the voting assistance officer may be able to expedite delivery of your voted ballot to the United States.

Federal Write-In Ballot

If you are concerned that your regular ballot may not get to you in time or that you will not be able to return it to us in time, you may obtain a federal write-in ballot which is available from voting assistance officers at US embassies, US consulates and US military installations.
Federal offices that you may vote for on this ballot include President and Vice-President, US Senator, and US Representative.  You may only use the Federal write-in ballot if…
1. You have applied for a ballot in time for us to have received your application at least 30 days before the election
2. You have not received a ballot or are unsure that your ballot will be returned to us by Election Day.

For more information on Absentee Voting outside the United States, please visit the MN Secretary of State’s website:
MN Secretary of State Overseas and Military Voting Website