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2013 Online Election Judge Training

Welcome to the 2013 Online Election Judge Training! 

For this year, we are offering this training to election judges who meet the following qualifications:

  • Judges who are precinct judges (not head or registration), and
  • Who served as a precinct judge with us last year and attended training (not head or registration judge training), and
  • Are are working in a Saint Paul precinct (not a suburban precinct).

Judges who complete the online training do not have to attend any trainings in person this year.  If you are signed up for an in person training and would like to complete training online instead, please call us at 651-266-2171.

In future elections, we hope to expand online training to serve more judges.

This training will include information on Ranked Voting in Saint Paul and new law changes for 2013.  It should take you about an hour to complete. All judges who complete online Ranked Voting training will be paid for one hour of training. 

If any questions about procedure arise during training, please email  Your questions will be answered during normal business hours.

To complete training, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Watch two videos on Ranked Voting in Saint Paul:


              Video 1                                                Video 2 

Step 2 - Watch the Ranked Voting Slideshow Video:


Link to slideshow on Ranked Voting in Saint Paul 

Step 3 - Watch the slideshow on law and procedural changes for 2013:


Link to slideshow on law and procedural changes for 2013 

Step 4 - (If time permits), watch an election judge training video to refresh your memory on polling place procedure.

Step 5- Do one of the following to complete the online training certification form:

  • Fill out this form and email it to . The form is in an Adobe PDF format.  
  • If you do not wish to use email attachments, you can copy and paste the text from the form into an email, and send it in that format to . Text of the form:
    • Name:
    • Email:
    • Phone Number:
    • Date of training completion:
    • Do you have any questions about Ranked Voting or other polling place activities?
    • If offered in future years, would you want to complete election judge trainings completely online (yes/no)?
    • Other questions or comments:
    • Affirm this oath: "I certify that I have completed election judge training for 2013, and have spent at least one hour in preparation for the 2013 Saint Paul city and school district election" Type your initials to confirm:
    • Date: