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All Official Ramsey County Plats, Registered Land Surveys (RLS) and Common Interest Community (CIC) Plats, are recorded in the Offices of the Ramsey County Recorder and Registrar of Titles. Microfilm images of Official Plats, RLS and CIC Plats may be viewed and copied at the Ramsey County Records and Revenue Research Room.


To view some recorded Official Plats, Registered Land Surveys and Common Interest Community Plats, please search this Ramsey County Records and Revenues Database.


Copies of most Plats and Registered Land Surveys are filed in the Ramsey County Surveyor’s Office. Although we are willing to provide you a copy of any Plat or RLS we may have, we recommend that you obtain a copy of the Official Plat, RLS and/or CIC Plat, and any relevant Certificate of Correction, from the Offices of the Ramsey County Recorder and/or Registrar of Titles.

Recorded Subdivision Plats and Registered Land Surveys are subject to Correction without our notice. 

City of St. Paul Survey information can be found on their website.