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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Ramsey County GIS Users' Group Handbook (GIS website)

Version 1.0 released 2001

The Ramsey County GIS Users Group handbook was created to help users better utilize data and information available from Ramsey County in a ArcView 3.x environment.  It also includes a history of the Users Group, a list of its members, and sample projects.

This web site's tables and examples provide the data needed to perform conversions of coordinates between map projections used in the State of Minnesota.  It includes required parameters, examples of usage and methods of parameter calculation are listed. 

Ramsey County Projection file (Note: saved as a text file)

Ramsey County's projection parameters.

Ramsey County GIS Data Documentation

Contours:  Suburban Ramsey County Contours

General Countywide Dataset Package:  Public Land Survey (PLS)  |  Major Bodies of Water  |  2002 Commissioner Districts 

Physical Features:  Buildings  |  Water  |  Roads  |  Railroads  |  Bridges  |  Dams  |  Tanks  |  Water Tower

Parcel Polygon with attributes:  Parcel Points  |  Parcel Regions

Digital Orthophotos:  Orthophotos 2003  |  Orthophotos 2006  |  Orthophotos 2009