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Volunteer - Public Safety

Advisory Boards/Committees ll Office/Clerical ll Youth ll Outdoor ll Public Safety ll Recreation ll Special Interest
Working With Adults ll Elderly ll Persons with Disabilities ll Youth

Adult Substance Abuse Court Assistant l 651.266.2386 l more information
Assist staff in Adult Substance Abuse Court by filing, providing telephone coverage, gathering statistics and other duties.

Assistant Probation Aide l 651.266.2386 l more information
Assist Corrections Officers and Aides with the AA 12-Step Program, group supervision program, and MADD panels.

Citizens Academy l 651.266.7332 l more information
In an effort to expose and inform citizens to what police work is all about and to share the challenges and problems officers face every day.

Community Affairs Officer l 651.266.7332 l more information
Volunteer residents who want to take an active part to 'make a difference' in improving public safety in non-law enforcement activities.

Community Emergency Response Team l 651.266.7332 l more information
CERT training promotes a partnering effort between emergency services and the people they serve.

Community Work Service Verifier l 651.266.2386 l more information
Set up, monitor and verify completion of court-ordered community work service hours.

Family Court - Intake Unit l 651.266.2386 l more information
Provide support to the Family Court Intake Unit by assisting with intake coverage, collecting client information, and other duties.

Medical Reserve Corps of Ramsey County l 651.266.2480 l more information
The Medical Reserve Corps of Ramsey County (MRC-RC) is a countywide resource of health volunteers. These volunteers strengthen our community by preparing for and responding to local public health  emergencies and assisting with ongoing public health initiatives. The MRC of Ramsey County is coordinated by Saint Paul -Ramsey County Public Health.

Neighborhood Watch | 651.266.7338 |  more information
The Sheriff's Office and neighborhood volunteers work together to implement the principles of crime deterrence and detection while encouraging the active reporting of crimes and suspicious activity.

Night to Unite | 651.266.7338 |  more information
An annual celebration that occurs on the first Tuesday in August and gathers neighborhoods and public safety personnel together for an evening to promote safe communities.

Post-Court Interviewer l 651.266.2386 l more information
Interview families after Juvenile Court appearance to collect and provide information to professional staff.

Probation Officer Assistant - Adult Courts Division Intake Unit l 651.266.2386 l more information
Work under supervision of assigned Probation Officer and provide assistance with court coverage, intra/interstate transfers, interview offenders, etc.

Probation Officer Assistant - Juvenile Division l 651.266.2386 l more information
Promote public safety, reduce delinquency, provide for accountability and develop individual responsibility for lawful behavior by providing supervision to a selected group of juvenile offenders and working in close cooperation with assigned Probation Officer.

Reserve Deputy | 651.266.7350 | more information
Reserve Deputies are volunteers who serve in the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office Water Patrol Unit.  After receiving formal law enforcement training, Reserve Deputies work alongside members of the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office to help keep our community safe. 

Ride-Along Program l more information
An opportunity for citizens who have graduated from the Citizens Academy to experience firsthand the work performed by a deputy in the Sheriff's Patrol Unit.

Sheriff Citizen Civil Defense Corps l 651.266.7332 l more information
Volunteers support the efforts of police, fire and medical personnel in the event of a disaster.

Sheriff's Open House l 651.266.9551 l more information
Learn more about and see firsthand the public safety services in Ramsey County by attending the Sheriff's Open House. 

TRIAD (Seniors and Law Enforcement Working Together) | 651.266.7332 |  more information
A partnership between senior citizens, members of law enforcement, and community groups to proactively focus on issues that are unique to seniors.