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Public Services

Funding for the delivery of public and/or social services is an eligible activity of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. In order to invest CDBG funds in public service activities, they must either be a new service or, a quantifiable increase in the level of an existing service. Funds may not be used to replace funding previously provided by any level of government nor should applicants consider CDBG as an on-going source of funding.  Organizations must be able to document that services primarily benefit low-and moderate-income individuals and/or families.

In addition, Ramsey County communities have identified the following priorities for allocating public service dollars:

  • Employment-related services that better equip low and moderate income residents with job-seeking and job improvement skills
  • Housing-related educational services

How to Apply for Funding

Agencies and organizations interested in applying for CDBG funding will need to complete the Common Application.