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Homeowners - Suburban Weatherization and Rehabilitation Programs

Energy Conservation Deferred Loan Program

This program provides 10-year deferred payment loans* to improve energy efficiency to 1-4 unit owner-occupied properties throughout Suburban Ramsey County. Loans are restricted to low and moderate income households (this generally means a household income of below $69,280 for a family of four) and must be recommended through an energy audit.   FirstHOME Fact Sheet  Financing for loans for up to $6,000 is available for measures which reduce home energy costs, and emphasize fast payback in reduced energy bills such as:

  • High efficiency heating systems
  • Attic/Wall/Foundation insulation
  • Weatherization

The program is administered for Ramsey County by the Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC).

Contact: NEC
Telephone: 651- 221-4462 x132
The Neighborhood Energy Connection


Ramsey County Residential Rehabilitation Deferred Loan Program


This is a two-tiered program for homeowners who live in Suburban Ramsey County.   For low income homeowners, the loan will be forgiven after 10 years in the home.  For moderate income homeowners, the loan must be repaid in full when the homeowner refinances, sells, transfers interest or moves from the property.  In both cases, there is no interest and no monthly payment.

Home improvement deferred payment loans for up to $15,000 may be used for basic and necessary improvements which make the home more livable, more energy efficient, or more accessible for disabled persons. The types of projects eligible for funding might be:

  • replacing a deteriorating roof
  • replacing an old, inefficient furnace
  • putting in new storm windows and doors
  • bringing electrical and plumbing systems up to code
  • improvements to meet the needs of disabled persons

Click here for current income eligibility guidelines at the 50% and 80% levels.

Funds for this program are available on a first-come/first-served basis. This program is only for residents of suburban Ramsey County. This does not include the City of Saint Paul. The program is administered for Ramsey County by The Housing Resource Center, a program of the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation of the Twin Cities.

Contact: The Housing Resource Center
Telephone: 651-486-7401

*This is a loan without interest or monthly payments. For the energy loan and for low income household for the rehab loan, this type of loan must be repaid only when the homeowner refinances, sells, transfers interest or moves from the property within ten years after the loan is made. This deferred loan also decreases at the rate of 10% per year after the first year, and will be totally forgiven after the tenth year.


Energy Smarts Program

Energy Smarts Pays is an online, confidential screening tool for low-income residents to quickly find free energy assistance/weatherization resources they may be qualified for and for middle-income residents to find appropriate low-interest fix up loans/weatherization programs.

Website link: EnergySmartsPay