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photo:  inmate education

The Ramsey County Correctional Facility (RCCF) offers a variety of opportunities for inmates who are interested in advancing their education, exploring their faith or beginning a recovery program.



Alcohol, Drug and Addiction Treatment
Rehabilitation programs are available for inmates in individual and group settings.  Programs include Avalon, AA, NA, Relapse Recovery and other community-based treatment programs.  These treatment programs meet mandatory drug rehab guidelines of the County.

Educational Programming
RCCF has several different educational opportunities for inmates improve their opportunities for employment and their quality of life.

Learning Center
The Learning Center is an Adult Basic Education program that offers a variety of individual classes.  Inmates can brush up on reading, writing, math and earn their GED. 

Classes are held on personal finance, job seeking and keeping, career exploration, computer skills, and driver's license preparation and testing.

The RCCF Library is run by community-based volunteers.  The Library is updated weekly with new and used books.

Religious Services
Religious Services are available for all religious backgrounds. Sunday morning service, Values group, and one-on-one counseling are available.  Inmates also have access to religious media through the RCCF Chaplin.

Other work crew placements
Floor crew, Library Worker, Dorm Cleaner, Recreation Crew and many others.