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Payment for PRC

Probation Reporting Center (PRC) | How PRC Works | Menu for PRC Phone Calls | Payment for PRC | Frequently Asked Questions | Return to Adults

The cost to participate in the Probation Reporting Center (PRC) is:

$7.00 per month | $37.00 for six (6) months | $73.00 for one (1) year

It would be in your best interest financially, as well as convenient, to pay in advance for the phone system based on the length of your supervision. Paying in advance for your entire probation period will save you the price of a money order and postage each month.  Any remaining balance in your account after your probation period will be refunded to you.

Envelopes for Payment:

You will receive five (5) preaddressed envelopes in your orientation packet. You must use these envelopes.

You may get additional PRC envelopes from the lobby waiting area where you completed your orientation at:

Ramsey County Probation Reporting Center
121 East Seventh Place, Suite 1200
St. Paul, MN 55101 (map it) (Parking Information)

Please be sure to print your PIN number and full name on the front of the envelope.

Payment Instructions for the PRC:

Download Payment Instructions for the Probation Reporting Center (pdf)

  1. Completely fill out your payment.
    Printing clearly, fill out your payment and customer receipt - using your name, address and PIN #.

  2. Fill out the payment envelope
    Printing clearly, write your name and your PIN #. Check the box next to the number of months you wish to pre-pay (1-24).

  3. Put Money Order into envelope (Money Orders can be purchased at your local post office).
    DO NOT send anything else in this payment envelope.  Pay for only ONE person per envelope.  Be sure to seal the envelope before mailing.

  4. Mail payment 10 days before your call is due
    Clearly print return address, add first-class postage, and mail. 

Payments must be made with a money order.  Bank or personal checks will be returned.  Do not send cash.

Please mail to:
Telephone Reporting System - RCCC
P.O. Box 617664
Chicago, IL  60661-7664

Questions about payments?

Contact the Probation Reporting Center (PRC) 1.866.520.7225

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