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Frequently Asked PRC Questions

Probation Reporting Center (PRC) | How PRC Works | Menu for PRC Phone Calls | Payment for PRC | Frequently Asked Questions | Return to Adults

1.  Why do I have to use the Probation Reporting Center (PRC)?
Ramsey County Community Corrections (RCCC) reviews each case individually and and assigns cases accordingly.  If you are assigned to the Probation Reporting Center, it has been determined that your case fits the guidelines.

2.  Will I have to pay for this?
Yes, financial obligations for the PRC are:  $7.00 per month. 

We recognize the added cost for you; however, PRC will likely be more convenient and less of an intrusion in your life in the long run.  By using PRC you will be saving time and money when you consider the cost of driving, parking, time off of work or school and other expenses associated with the trip to see your probation officer. 

You can pay month by month or up to 2 years in advance.  Payment envelopes provided at orientation show discounts that are available for advance payments.  Six (6) months = $37.00 or one (1) year = $73.00.  Your orientation kit has envelopes for payments.

3.  Why can't I pay by check?
Fieldware, our vendor, will only accept money orders.

4.  Where to I get more envelopes for the PRC payments?

You will receive five (5) preaddressed envelopes in your orientation packet. You must use these envelopes.

You may get additional PRC envelopes from the lobby waiting area where you completed your orientation at:

Ramsey County Probation Reporting Center
121 East Seventh Place, Suite 1200
St. Paul, MN 55101 (map it) (Parking Information)

Please be sure to print your PIN number and full name on the front of the envelope.

Please mail to:
Telephone Reporting System - RCCC
P.O. Box 617664
Chicago, IL  60661-7664

5.  What if I refuse to pay?
If you refuse to pay, then you are not complying with the terms of your probation.  RCCC has determined this is how you will report, so you must comply with paying the costs associated with the program.   If you do not comply, you will be in violation of the terms and conditions of your probation, as you will be locked out of the system.  If you fail to make your call, a probation violation maybe submitted.

6.  How often do I have to call?
Once entered into the phone system you will be directed to call once per month.  You will call on the date of your birth month.  (For example:  If you were born in April you will on the the 4th day of each month.  If you were born in July, you will call on the 7th day each month.)  Remember to get your confirmation number.

7.  What is a confirmation number - what is it for and where do I get this number from?
This system will accept and confirm that you have called in - it will also record that you completed your call.  Please remember to write down your confirmation number.

8.  What if I miss the day I am supposed to call in?
You will be marked as late, but you can call anytime during the month and still get credit for your call.  Late calls may put you at risk for a probation violation.

9.  What if I need to contact you more than once a month?
Call and leave a message and PRC staff will return your call within five (5) business days.  You are required to report in person, to the PRC, on Thursday or Friday between 9 am and 11 am if you have not heard from PRC staff within five (5) business days after leaving a message.

As the client contract you signed at orientation states, you understand that you are expected to report, in person, to the Probation Reporting Center on Thursday or Friday, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. If you are unable to report via telephone, or if you have not heard from a Probation Reporting Center representative within five (5) business days after leaving a message.

10.  What is a "calling tree" and how is it used?
The "calling tree" is a Menu that you can use to guide you through your phone call.  The calling tree offers a variety of features - this includes travel permits, paying fines, obtaining directions, and the telephone number for many or frequently used providers.  We would recommend that you call the "calling tree" first - if you have questions.

11.  What if I am out of town on the day I am supposed to call?
You may call from anywhere in the United States.  The toll free number is 1.866.520.7225.

12.  When will I be able to talk to a live person?
When you call in, leave a message with the following information:

    • Speak clearly 
    • Spell your last name
    • Leave a time that you can be reached
    • If the question cannot be resolved by your leaving a message, we will contact you directly within 5 business days.  You are required to report in person on Thursday or Friday between 9 am and 11 am, to the PRC, if you have not heard from PRC staff within 5 business days after leaving a message.  You may also schedule an appointment by calling 1.866.520.7225.

13.  If I come down to the probation office, will I be able to see somebody?
Yes, the Probation Reporting Center has office hours on Thursdays or Fridays between 9 am and 11 am and a probation agent will be available to meet with you. 

14.  When can I call the PRC?
You can call the PRC anytime.   The PRC accepts phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Toll Free 1.866.520.7225

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