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Domestic Abuse

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The Criminal Domestic Abuse Unit provides sentencing recommendations and probation supervision to offenders referred from court.  The Unit works exclusively with offenders who have been convicted of violence against spouses or significant others.  The focus of the Unit is to provide safety to victims of domestic violence and accountability to offenders through assessment and community supervision. 
Probation officers interview offenders and prepare reports for sentencing.  The reports include the official version, prior criminal history, social history, drug and alcohol background, victim impact statement, history of domestic violence, and recommendation to the court.
Probation Officers monitor offenders ordered to community supervision:
  • Offenders are supervised at a level according to the results of the investigation and assessment.
  • All offenders are required to participate in and complete a domestic abuse education or counseling program.  The specific course of action is determined by the offender's supervising probation officer. 
  • The offender may be required to complete a chemical dependency and/or psychological evaluation.  The offender would be expected follow the recommendations resulting from the evaluation.
  • The court may impose a no-contact order from the victim that would apply to the victim and their residence.  This order is monitored very intensively by probation.
Offenders may violate their probation and have all or part of their sentences executed if they: 
  • do not complete their conditions of probation, 
  • are convicted of a new domestic violence offense,
  • do not remain law abiding, 
  • do not meet with their probation officer as directed,
  • or violate the no-contact order.

Target Population
Offenders involved in domestic abuse.


  • Conducting pre-sentence investigation on significant other or spousal abuse cases where the conviction is for a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor offense.
  • Providing probation supervision on low-risk monitoring program.
  • Providing traditional supervision on high-risk cases and felony-level domestic abuse convictions.
  • Providing intensive supervision for chronic offenders.

Crisis Telephone Numbers

MN Domestic Violence Crisis Line
1 866 223 1111

Ramsey County Mental Health Crisis
651 266 7900

Ramsey County Shelters

Casa de Esperanza
651 772 1611

Tubman Family Alliance
651 770 0777

Woman of Nations (Eagles Nest)
651 222 5836

Women’s Advocates
651 227 8284