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Welcome to Domestic Relations

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Domestic Relations provides services for families only after being referred by the Court.

We provide confidential Mediation assisting parties to resolve disputes over child custody and/or parenting time.  Domestic Relations also conducts child custody and/or parenting time Evaluation, and makes recommendations to the court. Recommendations may include legal and physical custody, a parenting schedule, graduated parenting schedule, supervised parenting time, parent-child reunification, drug-testing and treatment, parenting classes, counseling, and anger management.

Purpose of Referral to Domestic Relations

The overall goal of a referral to Domestic Relations is a Custody and/or Parenting Time Order. This order will result from 1) Agreement by the parties (Stipulation), or 2) a decision by the court following review of an evaluation report with recommendations conducted by Domestic Relations, or 3) an evidentiary hearing (trial).

The court may re-refer the case back to Domestic Relations for Parenting Time Services (PTS) to assist the parties implement the requirements of the court order.

Custody Mediation

Custody Evaluation

Parenting Time Evaluation

For more detailed information and resources please see:


Parenting Time Services

Custody and Best Interest of Children 

Developmental Stages of Children 

Parenting Time

Parents Helping Their Children

Community Resources 

Book Resources

Domestic Abuse

Privacy Rights

Fee Schedule

For Child Protection, Truancy, and Delinquency cases, see Juvenile Court.

For Domestic Abuse, Restraining Orders, and Orders for Protection, see: Domestic Abuse Service Center.


County Board resolution 2004-455, and MN statute 518.167 subd. 5 allows Domestic Relations to collect fees for services to families. Domestic Relations has a philosophy that children benefit when parents are able to cooperate and be self-determinative regarding parenting and custody issues.  To that end, we have created incentives for parties to reach agreements at any time during the evaluative process, as indicated on our Fee Schedule


Referral by the Court l Mediation l EvaluationCustody and Best Interest of ChildrenDevelopmental Stages of Children l Parenting TimeParents Helping Their ChildrenParenting Time Evaluation l Domestic Abuse l Community Resources l Book ResourcesPrivacy Rights l Fee Schedule