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County Board Mission, Values Statement, Operating Principles, Goals and Critical Success Indicators


Ramsey County -

Working With You to Enhance Our Quality of Life


Ramsey County is community centered and serves the citizens with integrity, honesty, respect, innovation, and responsibility.


The following principles guide our daily work:

Service Comes First - ensuring the public's health and safety is our top priority.

Excellence - carry out the work of the County with professionalism and high standards.

Valuing Employees - treat employees in our diverse workplace with respect and dignity so they can achieve excellence in their work.

Fiscal Accountability - practice good stewardship of public funds and maximize resources.

Communication - seek and encourage citizen input and feedback, and inform and educate citizens about the County's needs and services.

Responsiveness - understand the urgency of our work and do what it takes to get the job done.

Collaboration - work together to build strong communities.

Results Focused - be proactive about community issues with an emphasis on prevention and outcomes.

Ramsey County Goals and Critical Success Indicators

Goal:  Be a leader in financial and operational management.

·          All County resources are professionally, efficiently and effectively managed, including finances, capital assets, staff and volunteers, information and technology.

·          County information is accurate and protected, and is available to and readily accessible by the public through a variety of means.

·          County facilities have connectivity and are functional, safe, energy efficient and accessible.

·          Partnerships result in improved benefit to the community.


Goal: Promote multi-modal transit and transportation solutions that effectively serve our citizens.

·          A variety of transit and transportation options are accessible and safe for users of all abilities and incomes.

·          People, goods and services move safely, conveniently, efficiently and effectively.

·          Infrastructure design is sensitive to and reflects its physical and social surroundings.

·          Transit and transportation investments complement current infrastructure and complete a fully integrated multi-modal system that supports economic growth and minimizes resource impacts and pollution.


Goal:  Prevent crime and improve public safety.

·          The response to criminal behavior is effective.

·          Prevention strategies are effective in reducing criminal behavior.

·          The County is prepared for emergencies and responds effectively.

·          Vulnerable children and adults are safe.

·          Over-representation of people of color in the criminal justice system is reduced (or eliminated).


Goal:  Be a leader in responding to the changing demographics in Ramsey County.

·          Disparities in access to and outcomes of County services for diverse populations are eliminated.

·          Services are culturally sensitive and responsive to diverse populations.

·          County services adapt to meet the needs of the aging population.

·          Staff are representative of the available workforce in Ramsey County.


Goal:  Improve the quality of life within Ramsey County.

·          The basic needs of residents are met, including food, shelter, health and jobs.

·          Proactively deliver services that improve the quality of life for residents with special needs.

·          Residents have access to and use libraries and recreational resources.

·          County services support the educational and occupational achievement of its children and adults.

·          Disease and health issues are prevented, managed and controlled.

·          Residents have opportunities to make healthy choices.


Goal:  Protect our natural resources and the quality of our environment.

·          Services that support environmental stewardship are provided for residents, businesses and property owners.

·          Natural resources are managed to sustain and enhance the environment.

·          Policies and practices reflect sound environmental principles.

·          The impact of solid and hazardous waste on the environment is minimized.


Goal:  Cultivate economic prosperity and combat concentrated areas of financial poverty.

·          A comprehensive economic growth strategy is developed that governs the use of County land, facilities and services to enhance economic development, expand the tax base and prioritize living-wage job growth.

·          Departments will collaborate within the County and with other public, private and non-profit entities to implement interdisciplinary actions that reduce and/or eliminate poverty.


Adopted by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners on February 12, 2013, Resolution 2013-041.