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Volunteer Opportunities on Committee, Board or Commission Vacancies

Bonnie Jackelen, Chief Clerk
Ramsey County Board of Commissioners
15 W. Kellogg Blvd. #250 Telephone: (651) 266-8014
St. Paul, Minnesota 55102 FAX: (651) 266-8039

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March 20, 2015

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM CITIZENS ADVISORY COMMITTEE provides participation for the planning process of the County’s Capital Improvement Program.  The members advise the County Board in setting priorities on proposed capital expenditures within Ramsey County.  Applicants are being sought specifically for District 1 and District 5 on this district-specific committee.

COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES ADVISORY COMMITTEE members act in an advisory capacity to the Ramsey County Board and the St. Paul City Council.  The County is interested in finding persons who work in a health or health-related field.

FOOD AND NUTRITION COMMISSION (Joint City/County) The Saint Paul – Ramsey County Food and Nutrition Commission is a forum for public and private stakeholders to assess how local food systems are operating and suggest policies, share information and plan for increased access to safe, affordable and nutritious foods.   The Commission will create an action plan laying out a comprehensive vision of Ramsey County’s future in terms of access to healthier foods and sustainable local food systems for food production, distribution and consumption.  Some of the issues to be considered could be hunger, nutrition, foods available for in-home and away-from-home consumption, food-related illnesses, culturally specific food availability, economic development in the food arena, community and backyard gardening, locally grown food, farmers’ markets, transportation for distributing and obtaining food, and environmental concerns related to food systems.

PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION members serve as an advisory body to the Ramsey County Board on matters relating to planning, development and operation of parks, trails, open space and recreation areas.  Applicants are being sought for this district-specific commission.

Questions?  All applications are due by April 24, 2015.  For detailed information on these committees, call 651.266.8001.  You can now apply online through our secured application system.  It’s easy and fast.  In most cases we will contact you via email reply after we review your application and volunteer interests.  You can use the same online form to apply for an unpaid internship too.

NOTE: We recommend that you first read through the application questions and assemble your information before beginning.  You may want to draft any text field answers in a word processing program and copy/paste your answers into the spaces provided.  Please note that once you submit your application, you will not be able to access it or change it.  You should PRINT a copy of your application for your own records prior to submitting it if you want to keep your own copy.  Applicants who are under age 18 will need to have a parent or guardian complete a consent form.  This form will be given to you by the volunteer screener if we contact you  for an interview.

Apply Now Online!

If you prefer to apply using our paper application form, just download this form using the link below, complete the form and return it to the volunteer coordinator contact address listed on this page.

Ramsey County Volunteer Application paper form (PDF)

COMMUNITY HUMAN SERVICES CITIZENS ADVISORY COUNCIL (CAC) members serve on one of seven committees, to shape policy, and share their knowledge and opinions with the Ramsey County Board. The seven committees, each representing a different population served by the Department are:  Adult Services, Chemical Health, Children’s Services, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Low Income, Adult Mental Health, and Children’s Mental Health.

Click on one of the following application forms for the CAC Committees.  For more detailed information, call 651.266.4423

Application for Volunteer Membership (PDF)

WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD (WIB) is a committee of individuals (representing business, education, economic development, labor, community-based organizations, and others) appointed by the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners and the Mayor of the City of St. Paul.  In partnership with the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners, the WIB provides broad community leadership in all areas of workforce development, including development of a comprehensive countywide strategy to meet the community’s workforce development needs under the Federal Workforce Investment Act of 1998.  Applicants should be Ramsey County residents. Terms are staggered.

Applications for the WIB and Youth Council are available by calling 651.779.5653 or

Other Volunteer Opportunities in Ramsey County