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About Ramsey County Finance Department

Lee Mehrkens, Director/Chief Financial Officer 

Mission:  To maintain or improve the financial condition of the County through prudent financial management practices that receive broad support from the public and professional review organizations.

The Finance Department is responsible for the review and preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets, revenue and expenditure forecasting, legislative analysis, cash management, investments, debt financings, credit reviews, general financial analysis, financial reporting, operation of the enterprise-wide financial accounting and payroll systems, and coordination of external audits. Payroll assistance, coordination of external audits, and centralized purchasing management.  These processes and disciplines support the prudent financial policies, strategies and decisions necessary to maintain a healthy financial condition.


Financial Reporting
Mike Webster, Financial Reporting Manager

The Financial Reporting Unit is responsible for the Audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Ramsey County.  The report has received the Government Finance Officer’s Certificate of Achievement in Excellence in Financial Reporting for the last 33 years.  The Unit also coordinates the external audit performed by the State Auditor’s Office.

Kathy Kapoun, Deputy Director

The Budget Unit is responsible for; analysis, preparation and monitoring of the biennial operating and capital budgets for Ramsey County, analysis of the impacts of legislation, coordination of Capital Improvement Advisory Committee (CIPAC), managing county owned fixed assets, serving as a resource to departments by providing technical assistance in budgeting, accounting procedures, grants management and compliance, implementation of county policies and other fiscal issues, ensure county wide compliance with County Board policies and authorities, serving as the liaison between county departments and the County Manager’s Office, processing of; personnel service contracts, revenue contracts, and grant agreements, performing the accounting function for; HRA, Resource Recovery Project, and Regional Rail Authority, approving department Requests for Board Actions, preparation of budgetary and financial  reports for outside agencies, and doing special projects for Finance Director, County Manager, and the County Board.

Mark Thompson, Investment/Debt Manager 

The Investment / Debt Manager is responsible for the investment of short-term and long-term funds, County Cash flows and County banking management.  The County routinely issues Bonds to finance its capital projects.  The Debt Manager manages the process to issue the debt and manages all the requirements for debt after the issuance.

Katie Reed, Payroll Manager 

The Central Payroll Unit primary focus is to ensure the timely and accurate paychecks for all County staff.  They are also responsible for processing the employee’s W-2 and timely payments to federal, state and local agencies.  Assists County departmental staff with training and ongoing support in relation to County policies, procedures, and the use of the County-wide Human Resource/Payroll system (Summit).  Ensures the integrity of data in the Summit System as well as maintains, updates, analyzes and enhances the software functions. They work closely with Department HR/Payroll Contacts, Human Resources staff and Information Services.

Accounting Operations
Peggy Vadnais, Accounting Operations Manager

The Accounting Operations Unit monitors financial accounting transactions for accuracy, timeliness and compliance with applicable laws, policies and guidelines. Produces vendor payments, 1099 MISC forms, and State sales and use tax reporting and performs escheatment processing for the County.  Assists county departmental staff with training and ongoing support in relation to County policies, procedures, and the use of the County-wide financial management system (Aspen). Ensures the integrity of data in the Aspen System as well as maintains, updates, analyzes and enhances the software functions and features utilized.

Dana Baker, Procurement Manager

The Ramsey County Procurement Manager leads Ramsey County's centralized purchasing management function within the County's Finance Department. Purchasing includes the acquisition of all supplies, equipment, materials and/or labor and professional and client services made by or on behalf of the County, its agencies, departments, officials, and authorized agents. Purchasing shall strive to acquire goods and services at the lowest cost consistent with prevailing economic conditions, appropriate standards of quality and continuity of service, while establishing and maintaining a reputation for openness, fairness and integrity. Purchasing shall comply fully with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws, County Administrative Code, and Procurement rules, regulations, processes and procedures. Purchasing will be done in a manner and method that provides efficient and effective expenditure of County funds with maximum protection of County taxpayer interests.


Formerly titled Office of Budgeting and Accounting from 1973-2012.