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Attorney Logo Services Provided

Diverse Children SmilingThe Ramsey County Attorney's Office Child Support Enforcement Section provides a variety of services to ensure that a child receives support.

Services Provided:

  • Obtaining court orders for basic child support, child care and medical support;
  • Obtaining court orders legally naming the father of children born outside of marriage;
  • Locating parents;
  • Collecting and disbursing current and/or past support payments;
  • Enforcing child support orders; and
  • Obtaining court orders modifying child support orders.

Services NOT Provided:

  • Legal advice to either party;
  • Assistance with divorce action;
  • Assistance with visitation/parenting time or custody;
  • Establishment or modification of spousal maintenance;
  • Enforcement of court ordered payment of unpaid bills (except court ordered medical support);
  • Collection of attorneys' fees;
  • Enforcement of property settlements; and
  • Any other items not related to support payments.

You may wish to contact a private attorney if you need any of the services we do not provide.  Please be aware that child support issues are entirely independent from custody and visitation/parenting time issues.

Attorney-Client Relationship

There is no attorney-client relationship between the County Attorney and either the parent or guardian. In child support cases, the County Attorney represents the County's interest in having children adequately supported and in collecting current and overdue child support.  If your interests are ever different from the interest of the County, the County Attorney will represent the County's interest.  You have the right to your own attorney and may hire one at any time. You may also decide to represent yourself.  In paternity actions, if you cannot pay for an attorney, you may ask the court to appoint one for you.

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